Schoolhouse Museum


Museum Hours

July and August

Tuesday 1pm – 4pm

Wednesday through Friday  10am – 4pm

Saturdays Sept – Oct.  11am – 4pm

Admission is free, but donations are requested to support the upkeep of the Museums.

The 1869 Schoolhouse Museum is located at 25 Schoolhouse Road at the intersection with Nauset Road across from the National Seashore Visitor Center. It is housed in a one-room schoolhouse built in 1869. The original and remaining one of the three schoolhouses consolidated on that site in 1906, it served the town until 1936 when the last pupils moved to a newer building. SchoolhouseMuseum02The old building (on right) stood abandoned until 1963 when the newly-formed Eastham Historical Society looked about for a place to house the town’s historical treasures. The school building, then well on its way to decrepitude, was purchased, restored, and became a museum.

A large pair of whale jawbones formerly framed the gateway to the museum, but deterioration forced their removal a few years ago. With considerable difficulty, a replacement pair is being sought. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

SchoolhouseMuseum03In 2008 a new museum addition was opened (left). The museum displays objects from the various facets of the town’s history including farming, shipwrecks, the Life Saving Service, Native American artifacts, the school and daily life in town. The schoolroom, now a children’s “hands on” museum complete with its original schoolmaster’s desk, is furnished to replicate how it looked in earlier days. (below) Children of all ages are encouraged to sit at the desks, look at the books and “play school.”

SchoolhouseMuseumClassroom02 SchoolhouseMuseumClassroom01
SchoolhouseMuseumInterior02 SchoolhouseMuseumInterior01

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